Diamond Hitch Stables

All-around trail horses would like you to come be a part of our family-owned business since 1978. Come ride at the Diamond Hitch Stables for a 30-minute to a 2-hour guided trail ride. See the breath-taking views of the San Juan

sjm and Weminuche Mountains

An early evening thunderstorm ominously descends on the Ruby Mountains, as seen from a perch in Thompson Canyon amidst a turbulent overflow of racing snowmelt. Located near Elko, NV this range is locally known as Nevada's version of the Sierra Nevada and is certainly pristine enough to merit that title. These mountains have a top elevation of 11,387 feet and are part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

from the back of a horse. You will be riding our healthy, reliable, family-raised horses. We also offer overnight to monthly boarding: self care and full care. We lease horses for hunting season as too! We are in the business of Happy Horses, Happy People , And Happy Trails. You ride’ em we provide’ em. Don’t forget your camera!